“CHARLAMIGOS” - Language Partners for Casual Conversation

In Spanish, “charlar” means “to chat” and “amigos” means friends so a “Charlamigo” is like a “penpal” except you actually get to chat and become friends! As you and your new Spanish-speaking friend become “charlamigos,” you get to practice your Spanish through informal conversation and you both get to learn a new perspective on life by making friends with someone from a different culture. Your subscription to the Charlamigo service helps support working people in Tijuana. Choose someone from our roster of “Charlamigos” and our Coordinators will introduce you to them so you can arrange an initial, 30-minute conversation one-on-one. You can then sign up for more 30-minute sessions, or ask to be introduced to another “Charlamigo.”


Coordinator: Dan Watman

Dan Watman has worked as a Spanish instructor for over 20 years. A longtime resident of Tijuana, Mexico, Dan sees the purpose of language instruction as helping students establish meaningful friendships with native speakers.

Coordinator: Robert Vivar

Robert Vivar was deported to Mexico in 2013 after living in the USA since the age of six. Since his deportation he has dedicated his life to helping others in need, such as deported U.S. military veterans, deported mothers of U.S. citizen children, and separated families.




Tania G. Mendoza

Monseratt Galvan Godoy
Robert Vivar

Irving Mondragon

Magarita Avalos Salas

Cynthia Ramirez Comparan

María Isabel Vázquez
Anylet Blandón Rubio
USMC Marcelino Ramos
 Anyelo Rivers
Wendy Garcia