Online 10 week Spanish Class Int/Adv experience starting August 30th!

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Make friends across borders!


  • Virtual site visits with communities in Tijuana!
  • Useful phrases for getting to know people across cultural barriers!
  • Fun in a class centered around your personal interests!
  • Ten 30-min individual "Charlamigo" sessions on YOUR time with native speakers in Tijuana!

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    Int/adv course with profesora Rebecca Padilla Tues/Thurs 12-1p

    Week 1-2

    • Orientation to course technology, establishing interests, reviewing and acquiring new communication skills through fun interactive online activities and role plays

    Week 3 -10

    • Tuesdays - practice, review, and further learning,
    • Thursdays - virtual site visits to practice español getting to know individuals and communities in Tijuana.